16,000+ SQ FT



At S24 Labs, we apply the science of Physics and Physiology with resulting performance metrics as the foundation for ALL of our athlete training programs. By combining the latest in speed force protocols that derive from more than 75 years of Olympic Games performance research, our professional coaches, have the ability to produce scalable, measurable and sustainable results that will translate immediately into the competitive environment.





S24 Labs features industry leading technology that will equip S24 Labs members with a more in depth understanding and key metrics around their agility, balance, coordination, reaction time, speed, and power.

Our leading technologies are spread out between five cages and are geared towards providing the user with more in depth analytics around bat speed, spin rate, exit velocity, and other baseball and softball specific measurables that will be utilized to provide an athlete with a baseline score.  A users baseline score will then be used as a measure for improvement throughout their training with S24 Labs instructors. 




S24 Labs has implemented the utmost precautions regarding the safety of athletes, parents, staff and everyone who enters our facilities. We closely follow the recommendations and guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some of the precautions we are taking in our facilities include:


A Disinfectant door system delivers a burst of Sozo Protect, an FDA approved antibacterial & antimicrobial spray, upon entry, lasting for up to 4 hours and protects the skin's natural barrier function. Big Ass Fan technology circulates air through an upper-level disinfection zone, uses UV-C rays near the disinfection zone to kill up to 99.99% of pathogens, then returns the purified air to the space down below. This greatly reduces the risk of infection and safely provides clean air.


  • Masks are required.

  • Touch-free sanitizer stations throughout the facility.

  • Staff is checked for Covid-19 on a regular basis.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Avoid contact with people who are sick.

  • Stay home when you are sick.

  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose.

  • Cover your sneeze or cough with a tissue and discard, then thoroughly wash your hands.